• A-CARD 950 SEK/person

For those teams who wish to stay at a school.
The price includes participant card D, accommodation at a school (hard surface) for two nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, transport between arenas with cup buses. At least one staff members/adult must stay at a school if there are players under the age of 18. The size of the classroom is adapted to the number of people the team has paid for.
Everyone who sleeps in the classroom needs this participant card, player/staff member/accompanying parent/sibling etc.

  • D-CARD 250 SEK/person

For participants in teams that do not live at a school.
The price includes participation in the cup, entrance and transport between arenas with cup buses. Everyone who is going to participate with the team in the player booth needs this participation card.


  • DOUBLING CARD 150 SEK/person

The doubling card can only be purchased by players participating in two teams, the card is personal. Please note that you are not allowed to participate in two teams in the same class and that a player who plays with an age exemption may only play in the team to which the exemption relates.

The doubling card is not a physical card, but a fee that you pay to participate in another team during the same game period. The player must have a participation card (A or D) in their first team and a doubling card in their second team.  Each team is allowed to have a maximum of THREE players with doubling cards!

  • FOOD CARD 485 SEK/card

For those of you who have bought a D-card and want to eat five meals (three lunches, two dinners) in one of our cup canteens in IFU Arena. The food card is not a participant card, but only a way to order meals during the cup.

  • FOOD COUPON 105 SEK/meal

Food vouchers for the occasional lunch or dinner can be purchased by anyone who visits the cup.
Vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free options are always available and do not need to be pre-ordered. There are no nuts, carrots, apples or curry.


In connection with arrival and departure, transfers can be pre-booked at the following costs:

• Central Station in Uppsala       80 SEK/person  (minimum order 9 people)
• Arlanda                                     290 SEK/person (minimum order 15 people)
• Stockholm boat terminals     320 SEK/person  (minimum order 15 people)

The transfer prices are round trip to an address in Uppsala (e.g. school, hotel, arena).
Pick-up may be in a shared bus together with another team.