In all game classes, the Swedish Floorball Federation's rules apply.
Each team must belong to a club that is registered with the respective nation's Floorball Federation. All foreign players must be able to show an ID/passport to be able to prove their age. Swedish players must be registered in IBIS.

The cup can run from 09.00 on day 1 to 19.00 on day 3 of each period, depending on the number of registered teams. Storvretacupen can not always take into account registered teams travel time to and from the cup, so do not count on this when registering. If you have a long way to travel, we offer the opportunity to buy an extra night if you book accommodation in a classroom.

Storvretacupen does not require glasses for foreign players. For Swedish players, the Swedish Floorball Federation's rules regarding requirements for glasses apply, no exceptions.

For special exemptions, read here.


All matches are played with non-stoppage time.

All classes that play during the period 27–29/12 play 2x20 minutes. The group stage is played in league form where the best placed go to the A-playoffs and the others to the B-playoffs.

Other classes play 2x15 minutes in the group stage and up to and including the semi-finals. The A-finals in all classes are played 2x20 minutes.
Women, juniors and youth up to and including players born 2012 are guaranteed at least four matches. In these classes, both A- and B-playoffs are played. Classes born in 2012 and older are played 5-a-side.

Youngsters born in 2013 and later are guaranteed at least 5 matches.
In the classes girls and boys born 2013–2015 there are games  4 against 4  on smaller fields and with smaller goal cages. In these classes, it is up to each team's staff to judge the teams level.
Classes to choose from:
Girls/Boys 2013–2015 Easy (recommended age 2014–2015)
Girls/Boys 2013–2015 Difficult (recommended age 2013–2014)


In the boys 2010–2012 classes you can choose to play easy or difficult groups. It is up to each teams staff to assess the team's level in order for the classes to be as even as possible.


Winning teams in A-playoffs in each group Women / HJA / DJB / HJB:  10.000 SEK

All winners of the A-playoffs are offered the registration fee for the cup 2025/2026.

Medals are awarded to all players and a trophy is awarded to places 1, 2 and 3 in each class in the A-playoffs. In the B-playoffs, a trophy is awarded to the final teams. The Man of the Match award is awarded in all competitive matches, one player per match.
In each A-final, the tournament's best goalkeeper, defender and forward are appointed, the nomination takes place in connection with the award ceremony at each final.
All participants in the boys' and girls' classes born in 2013 and younger will receive a medal.


Women, junior and youth 2008–2009:  2990 SEK / per team
Youth 2010 and younger:                         2690 SEK / per team


Participation cards are mandatory for every person who will be in the booth during matches, i.e. both players and staff. You can choose one of the following two cards:

  • Participation card A      950SEK/person
  • Participation card D      250SEK/person

For more information about each participant card click here .


The doubling card can only be purchased by players participating in two teams, the card is personal. Please note that you are not allowed to participate in two teams in the same class and that a player who plays with an age exemption may only play in the team to which the exemption relates. The doubling card is not a physical card, but a fee that you pay to participate in another team during the same game period. The player must have a participation card (A or D) in their first team and a doubling card in their second team. A doubling card costs 150 SEK/person and it is personal.

>>>> Each team can have a maximum of THREE players with doubling cards!



Free buses will run between the arenas (our own cup buses) for everyone with a participant card. The schools we use for accommodation are located along the bus routes, however, the buses cannot always drive all the way so a shorter walk may be necessary.


In connection with arrival and departure, transfers can be pre-booked at the following costs:

• Central Station in Uppsala       80SEK/person (minimum order 8 persons/team)
• Arlanda                                      290SEK/person (minimum order 15 persons/team)
• Stockholm's boat terminals   320SEK/person (minimum order 15 people/team)

Transfer prices are round trip per person.



Each staff member is obliged to ensure that the players are insured on the pitch, and each individual is obliged to ensure that they are insured off the pitch. Storvretacupen has no insurance that covers damage or loss to the individual.


The Storvreta Cup will broadcast all matches live through Solidsport.
It is not allowed to stream matches yourself from any of our arenas.


If you have any questions or concerns about the cup, please contact us by e-mail and leave contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we have the opportunity:

General Questions:

FORCE MAJEURE       Updated 04/04/2024

This text can be updated depending on the situation and regulations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Government or other determining authorities.

We will always follow the rules that are set for the implementation of the cup.
All refund will be minus the banks fees.

After November 9, the registration fee will be refunded in the event of a cancelled cup with a deduction of a maximum of 1200 SEK/team for accrued costs.
There will be a full refund of participant cards A and D if Storvretacupen decides to cancel.

In the event of an event that is beyond Storvretacupen's control, such as war, fire, floods, interruptions in communications, government action, strike or other force majeure events, Storvretacupen cannot be held responsible for compensating for any financial loss.

Important to keep in mind regarding the cup is that we will follow the advice and rules given by FHM, the public health authority, the Government and other determining authorities. Therefore, limitations in how many teams we can handle and how many residents at the cup we can have can change during the registration period. You can secure your place in the cup by paying the registration fee. The date of payment applies in order of priority if the number will be limited on both teams and accommodations.