§ 1. Rules

The Swedish Floorball Federation's rules apply unless otherwise stated. Players may only play with teams from the club they are affiliated to in regular league play.

§ 2. Match times, player uniforms, equipment

  • Women, A-Jun, B-Jun, B/P 2008-2009 match time 2 x 20 min
  • Other classes 2 x 15 min
  • All A-finals are played in 2 x 20 min

If both teams have similar colors in their uniforms, the team marked as the away team is responsible for changing shirts. Vests are  not available to borrow.
Storvretacupen does not require glasses for foreign players. For Swedish players, the Swedish Floorball Federation's rules regarding requirements for glasses apply.

§ 3. Group stage

The teams are divided into groups where each group consists of 4 teams and everyone plays against each other once. In case of an uneven number of teams in the class, individual groups can consist of 3 or 5 teams. The 2 best placed teams advance to the A-playoffs and the others go to the B-playoffs. In classes where only 1 group is included, all teams go to the same playoffs, mutual placement in the regular season then determines who meets in the playoffs.

The winning team in the group stage gets 3 points, a draw gives 1 point and a lost match gives 0 points. No results or points are calculated for classes born 2013 or younger.

In the event of a tie, placement is decided by mutual meeting/s, i.e. a new table is calculated with the teams concerned.

1. Mutual placement is determined by the number of points
2. In the event of a tie, ranking is determined by goal difference, i.e. the difference between the number of goals scored and the number of goals conceded
3. If the goal difference is equal, the team that has scored the most goals is placed first
4. If the teams are still equal, the position is determined by total goal difference, where all results in the group count
5. If the goal difference is equal, the team that has scored the most goals in the group will be placed first
6. If the teams are still equal, the team with the fewest penalty minutes in the group will be placed first
7. If the teams are still equal, a draw will be made between the teams that could not be separated.

  § 4. Playoff

The two best placed teams in each group advance to the A-playoffs and the other teams go to the B-playoffs. In classes where only one group is included, all teams go to the same playoffs, mutual placement in the regular season then determines who meets in the playoffs.

The playoffs take place according to the cup system, i.e. the elimination method.  In the event of a tie, the match will be decided by a penalty shootout.

In the final, another period of 5 minutes is played where the first goal wins (sudden death). If the result is still equal after this period, the final will be decided by a penalty shootout. In the event of a draw in the playoffs, penalty shots are applied immediately, five penalty shots per team where the teams take every other penalty shot. If, after five penalty shots each, the teams are still tied, the teams will take every other penalty until the match is decided. Only the five penalty shooters who have already been selected are allowed to participate.

§ 5. Time-out

Time-outs are not allowed during the group stage games. In the playoffs, a time-out of 30 seconds is allowed, per team and match from quarterfinals in all classes.

§ 6. Protests

Any protests must be submitted no later than 60 minutes after the final whistle. The protest must be in writing and submitted to the cup secretariat at IFU Arena. If the match is not played at that arena, it must be handed over to the arena manager at the match arena.

§ 7. WO

If the team is more than 10 minutes late to the match from the specified match start time, the opposing team will be credited with the victory with 5-0. The decision on WO is made by the referee for the match in question. WO without a valid reason renders a penalty fee of 1000SEK and the team is excluded from the tournament. The team's previous results will be cancelled and the table will be recalculated. Otherwise, the Swedish Floorball Federation's rules apply.

§ 8. Exceptions to SIBF's competition rules

Playing field 36 x 18 m.
Penalty shots directly in the playoffs without sudden death, except in the final.

§ 9.  Exemptions

---> For A-juniors and B-juniors, no exemptions are given!
---> Players with an exemption may only play in the team that the dispensation applies to in that round.

All teams have dispensation to have two players who are no more than one year older than the class the team plays in. We will approve exemptions for three players if one of them is a goalkeeper and will not participate as an outfield player in any match.

When you add an overage to your list, an exemption request will automatically be sent to us. If there are two players or less, the dispensation will be approved, if there are three or more players, it will be processed before it is approved/rejected.

Younger players are allowed to play in older age groups without dispensation. Girls are allowed to play in boys' teams in all classes without dispensation as long as the regulations for age division are followed.

The last date to apply for an exemption is December 15, after which an exemption application costs SEK 200 per player. This fee must be paid before the application is processed and is non-refundable, regardless of whether the waiver is approved or not.

Storvretacupen has the right, without refund obligation, to disqualify teams that violate the specified exemption rules.

Exemption questions should be emailed to:  

§ 10. National teams

In special cases, national teams may be allowed to participate if they are judged to be able to compete at a similar level as other teams in the age group. Contact before registration for assessment of the cup management.

§ 11. Refunds

If the team withdraws, the registration fee will be refunded with 100% until November 9, after that the registration fee will not be refunded.

Any refund of individual participant cards A + D and other services will only be made if you cancel before December 10th. After December 10, refunds will only be made upon presentation of a medical certificate up to and including your check-in. No refund after the team started their first match in the cup.

To receive a refund in case of cancellation of players, email should be sent to:

If the team withdraws from the tournament and the whole team cancels their participation cards (A+D) after December 10, 50% of the participation cards will be refunded. In case of cancellation of the entire team after December 18, the participation cards will not be refunded.

§ 12. Insurance

Each staff member is obliged to ensure that the players are insured on the pitch and each individual is obliged to ensure that they are insured off the pitch. Storvretacupen has no insurance that covers injuries or losses for the individual or team.

§ 13. Competition jury

The competition jury consists of representatives from Storvretacupen, Uppland Floorball Federation and the Referee Committee.

§ 14. Judge

Referees are appointed by the Uppland Floorball Federation.