27–29/12 2024   - STARS - 

DAM          women not age restricted
DJB            women born 2006 and younger
HJA            men born 2003 and younger
HJB            men born 2006 and younger
F08            girls born 2008
F09            girls born 2009
P08            boys born 2008
P09            boys born 2009 

2–4/1 2025   - CHALLENGE - 

F10             girls born 2010
F11             girls born 2011
P10L          boys born 2010 EASY
P10S          boys born 2010 DIFFICULT
P11L          boys born 2011 EASY
P11S          boys born 2011 DIFFICULT 

 4–6/1 2025   - NEXT GEN -

F12              girls born 2012
F13–15L     girls born 2013–2015 EASY (recommended age 2014–2015)
F13–15S     girls born 2013–2015 DIFFICULT (recommended age 2013–2014)
P12L           boys born 2012 EASY
P12S           boys born 2012 DIFFICULT
P13–15L     boys born 2013–2015 EASY (
recommended age  2014–2015)
P13–15S     boys born 2013–2015 DIFFICULT ( recommended age  2013–2014) 

  • In the boys 2010–2012 classes, you can choose to play difficult or easy group. It is up to each team's staff to assess the team's level in order for the classes to be as even as possible.
  • In the categories girls and boys born 2013–2015, there are 4-a-side games on smaller pitches and with smaller goal cages. In these classes, it is up to each team's staff to judge the team's level.