Registration for these classes will open during the fall.

Storvretacupen arranges two classes for people with disabilities:

  • Special Olympics 3-a-side (smaller pitch) – Easy and difficult class
  • Para class 5 vs 5 (20x40 plane) – Only easy class

Storvretacupen Para will be played in IFU Arena, 28-29/12 2024, approximately times at 7.30–20.00. Exact times will come when the game schedule is set and will be published on this page.

Below you can read more about the classes:


For players with developmental disabilities. The teams are divided into different divisions to get as even games as possible. Specify the level in the registration under message to the organizer in connection with the registration. Level between 1-3. (where level 1 is the highest, level 3 the lowest).
Pitch: 12 x 20 m
Number of players: Goalkeeper + 3 field players, max 8 players/team
Game time: 2x10 min A and B playoffs (provided there are enough registered teams)
Follow the recommendations below to register the team in the right level!


For athletes with intellectual disability (U), neuropsychiatric disability (N), mobility impairment (R) or visual impairment (S) provided that the criteria for minimum disability are met.
Level: 40 x 20
Number of players: Goalkeeper+5 outfield players
Game time: 2x15 min A and B playoffs (provided there are enough registered teams)


Division – Special Olympics

3x3 is divided into different levels. In order to have an interesting and rewarding tournament for all parties, it is important that team staff/club managers register their team(s) at the right level based on the players' ability. Below are guidelines for so-called division, which should be used to register your team to the appropriate level. Storvreta IBK as an organizer reserves the right to move teams between the levels if necessary, or have more or fewer levels. Depending on how many teams sign up. We would like to see several teams from the same club. There is no obstacle to teams from the same club playing in the same division, it is the players' ability that determines in which division they play.

It is each team’s staff who states the level at which the team in question is expected to play/ perform. The basis is, of course, that all players in a team must meet the requirements to participate in the Special Olympics according to Parasport Sweden's rules.

Team • Level 1
Mainly players who are physically well-functioning, well-coordinated, and in good physical condition. All the players in the team have good technique in terms of passing ability, ball and stick technique as well as shooting ability. The team can play together as a team and understands and can follow basic tactical setups.

Team • Level 2
Again, the players can be physically relatively capable and in good condition, but several of the players have coordination problems, lack of technical ability in terms of ball and stick technique and tactical understanding, but you can play together as a team and understand the value of doing this.

Team • Level 3
Many of the players are in lower physical condition or beginners. Many have coordination problems and limited technique with regard to stick handling, passing ability and shooting technique. Impaired understanding of how the game on the pitch can be organized and conducted.

- Fundamentally, it is the player's ability that determines in which division the person will play. The club may well have several teams playing in the same division. Of course, there may be situations where a player in a team deviates from the team. It is up to the staff and the organizer to handle the situation appropriately so that it is a good and honest tournament for everyone.

We follow the Swedish Parasport Federation and the Swedish Paralympic Committee's (Parasport Sweden) competition rules/floorball rules (standing players)

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